Saturday, 27 February 2021, we will hold a pop-up clothing boutique for men, women and children.  Join us from 10:00 – 1:00pm to assist and have fun with the families at Wurzbach Manor!

Home-schoolers and Honor Students: This is a great way to serve your city!  We will be honored to sign any volunteer service hours for you as well as teach you about the wonderful cultures that live here in our midst.  Experience it for yourself on Wednesday!

ESL/Phonics classes in an informal setting start on Thursday, outside, with quite a few women wanting to start grasping our English Language.  Meet at Wurzbach Manor at the playground every Thursday at 4:00pm.  Bring a blanket to sit on!  Several women showed up last Thursday hungry for understanding English  We need 3-4 more volunteers to help every Thursday!  Contact Patty Dyer at pattydyer1@gmail.com for more info!  We need more volunteers and another individual to lead this time!  If you are gifted and willing, contact us!

Prayer Hour via Zoom: Mondays at 10:00am!  Join us as we pray for the families we serve, the children, our volunteers, for wisdom, and for however the Spirit leads.  Contact me to be included!

Additional ways to join us serving the residents:
ESL online: We are connecting with adults (mostly women) who want to practice and learn English.  We are doing this through Zoom and WhatsApp and the schedule is flexible in the comfort of your home!  Contact me for more info.  We are looking for several volunteers to help meet the requests we are receiving for basic ESL lessons as well as citizenship classes!
Homework Help/Tutoring: School is back in session!  Want to help these children?  We are working with children interested in completing their school assignments or with tutoring, primarily Thursdays at 3:00pm through zoom as well as other flexible times.  Want to help? Contact Carolyn Dick at laredostamper@yahoo.com.

Monthly food distributions:  If you can help, please let me know.   Notice the schedule below that you can mark on your calendars!  Please bring gloves, masks and sanitizer, if you have them.  We will have some of these available. These will be our only distributions this month.


March Food Distributions: 10th & 19th will be the March tentative food distributions.

Please let me know if you have questions!   Also, on Wednesdays/Fridays, if you have diapers (all sizes), toilet paper, paper towels, sanitary wipes, hand soap, etc, we will bag up these items and distribute them as well.  And your prayers are most welcome: specifically for health, strength, provision, and all of the ways we connect with these families!

Refugees and immigrants have lived in San Antonio for several decades, mainly in the medical center area. Over time, little and sporadic assistance has been offered to help them succeed.  New Hope Connection aims to provide innovative,  consistent, and sustainable means to help these residents feel at home in the San Antonio community so they can see their hopes, dreams, and aspirations reached in dramatic ways.