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Prayer Hour via Zoom: Mondays at 10:00am!  Join us as we pray for the families we serve, the children, our volunteers, for wisdom, and for however the Spirit leads.  Contact me to be included!

Upcoming Opportunities:



GLOW: Girls’ Life on Wurzbach This is a new effort matching women with teen girls.  It’s a new way to speak into the lives of the youth and offer insight to character development, joyful disposition, and respect for one another. More importantly, the girls simply want to be noticed, valued, and loved by others. If you’re interested in mentoring girls, let us know!

ESL online: We are connecting with adults (mostly women) who want to practice and learn English.  We are doing this through Zoom and WhatsApp and the schedule is flexible in the comfort of your home!  Contact me for more info.  We are looking for several volunteers to help meet the requests we are receiving for basic ESL lessons as well as citizenship classes!

Homework Help/Tutoring:  Want to help these children?  We are working with children interested in having fun and interacting with our team primarily Wednesdays at 6:00pm at Wurzbach Manor as well as other flexible times.  Want to help? Contact Carolyn Dick at

We need several more volunteers to lead zoom ESL classes as we have several women wanting to learn English!  These are one on one opportunities to teach various levels of English with a foreign-born resident.  Contact Patty Dyer at for more info!  These 1 hour classes can be scheduled based upon your available free time.  If you are gifted and willing, contact us!

Matthew Gruber
Director of New Hope Connection
FaceBook Page: New Hope Connexion